Lean in Higher Ed

 Why? How?

Frustrated employees, inefficient processes, unknown processes, and external demands are a few of the reasons to consider use of LEAN in Higher Education.  

Improving processes with teams built with the knowledge of the frontline employee and supervisors of a process results in root causes addressed, buy-in to the new way of doing things, and development of strong collaboration.

Contract with Kusler to provide training, process facilitation, and/or coaching using LEAN Principles and other process improvement tools.

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Build LEAN knowledge on your campus through Certification Programs and Awareness Training.  


Illustrate LEAN's potential with Kusler's facilitation expertise streamlining a process on your campus


About the Expert


Karen Kusler brings 35 years experience working in Higher Education to respond to your campus needs.  She has either worked or consulted with Research University, Regional University, multi-campus Community College and Private Colleges.  Providing consulting in LEAN since 2008 has resulted in her working with institutions in  Washington, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and more states.   √  out Kusler's resume.


Identify priority areas to be LEANed and access to continued support to develop a LEAN Culture on your campus

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Eliminate Waste


Kusler Consulting uses the acronym WISDOM TO Change as a way to remember the waste to eliminate

W - aiting
I - nventory
S - ources (not utilized)
D - efects
O - ver Processing
M - otion

T - ravel
O - ver Production
The areas of waste is one of the foundation principles used in applying LEAN.
Acronym was developed with Sue Kozlowski.